Live Inspired with Victoria Slager
Inspirational Speaker, Fitness Instructor, Choreographer

Inspirational Talks

With years of teaching and choreographing thousands of performers throughout her career, providing inspirational talks has become second nature.

Fusion Core

Victoria's notorious "Fusion Core Workout" has been turned into a DVD.
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Victoria is a veteran choreographer with a long list of credits to her name.

Victoria's Work
Examples of Victoria and her creative genius at work and play.

Fusion Core

A the heart of every dancer there is the core. At the heart of longevity is Fusion Core Workout with Victoria Slager.

Inspirational Talks

In the circle of life, all things return to their beginnings. Victoria offers motivational talks to audiences from all walks of life.


Intensive half day, full-day, and weekend long sessions to restore and renew your balance, physically and mentally. Indulge is this journey to your best self.

Mayfield Secondary School

Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Inspirational Cards

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing


A collection of Victoria's most cherished and inspirations stories from a life lived both on and behind stage.

About Victoria
A career in the arts.

  • Credentials

    A dancer must first learn

    Ontario College of Teachers - Dance Specialist - over 30 years of teaching experience

  • A passion for teaching

    An educator is born

    From the early days at Etobicoke School of the Arts to her current tenure at Mayfield Secondary School in Brampton, Victoria has staged hundreds of shows and taught thousands of students.

  • Fusion Core

    A new workout routine comes to the fore.

    Along the way, Victoria has added the title of fitness instructor to her credits, with her creation of the Fusion Core Workout System.

  • Inspiration Abounds

    A legacy of leadership

    Speaking to groups both small and large, student or professional has become one of Victoria's signature roles.

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Upcoming Events
Public talks, Fusion Core Classes, and Choreographed Performances


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Speaking Engagements

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Live Inspired with Victoria Slager.

Bringing out the very best of your team at work and play.

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